Be a Hero

Drive Sober Kentucky

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety has created an easy to use, free mobile application to help keep folks that have been drinking from getting behind the wheel. With a simple push of a button on your smartphone, you can find a sober ride home and keep our roads safe. Choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking is a dangerous and costly decision.

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What is No Dui ?

No DUI Kentucky is an initiative by the Kentucky Highway Safety Office to reduce the number of people on the road that are driving under the influence of an intoxicant. This simple mobile app will remind the user that drinking and driving is not worth the risk. The app includes a list of companies that can provide a sober ride home if you have been drinking. We included the laws and penalties for driving under the influence as well as links to our Be A Hero website.

Why ?

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is committed to reducing injuries and fatalities on our roads. Providing a free mobile application is just one simple step in our initiative to offer education, solutions and alternatives to drivers before they get behind the wheel after drinking. This app outlines the laws and penalties as well as the real cost of a DUI arrest and conviction. Use the Driver Sober KY app to find a sober ride home. If you drive impaired, you will get arrested. It simply isn’t worth it.

How ?

Through public and private partnerships, achieve the most improved and sustainable downward trend in reducing Kentucky’s highway fatalities and injuries. The majority of our focus is to address federally designated traffic safety priority areas. Impaired driver countermeasures and education are two key elements of the Department’s priorities. This app serves as education and a countermeasure to keep the driver that has been drinking from getting behind the wheel.